magical corners in contact with water

in a natural environment CANYONING or CANYONING

Canyoning or canyoning means descending into low-flow streams following the flow of water inside canyons and rocky gorges. Dive into pools of clear water. Discovering an exciting and primordial natural environment are just some of the experiences you can have with the ADVENTURE ADRENALINE and ACTION CANYON routes. Beautiful Canyons immersed in lush vegetation, we are sure you will like them!


Activity duration approximately 2h30

Beautiful red limestone canyon

Activity duration 2h30/3h
Beautiful canyon with numerous jumps, toboggans and abseils when you can't dive...

Medium-Easy difficulty
€80.00 per person


Activity duration approximately 4h/5h

Complete route covering the entire Canyon, approximately 1.5 km long

Activity duration approximately 4h/5h hours
Complete route covering the entire Canyon in a gorge with jumps, toboggans, abseiling.

Medium – High difficulty
€90.00 per person


Activity duration approximately 2 hours

Exciting route

Activity duration approximately 2 hours
Exciting route to get in tune with this beautiful activity, become familiar with the Canyon environment and gradually begin with dives into crystalline pools, abseils and toboggans.

Easy difficulty
€60.00 per person

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