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Courses, Lessons and Guided Descents are the ideal solutions for all needs: beginners, experts, canoeists who wish to learn more about descent strategies on medium and challenging rivers or participate in Canoe Theme Weeks thanks to the professionalism and experience of the Federal Canoe Masters (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation).

WEEKLY COURSES from Monday to Friday or WEEKEND COURSES on Saturday and Sunday with INDIVIDUAL or GROUP LESSONS. Each course includes a river safety lesson.

AFTER the COURSE you will be able to descend medium-easy rivers such as the Brenta and you will be able to participate in the outings that ONDA SELVAGGIA periodically organizes on the Brenta and other rivers in Italy and abroad. We give you the opportunity to join our membership section to be able to use the facilities of the River Sports Center (changing rooms, toilets, showers) and also have a discounted rate for renting all the equipment.

It will also be pleasant to meet other enthusiasts of this beautiful sport and organize trips on the river together, given that Onda Selvaggia is also a meeting point frequented by numerous canoeists.


Activity duration approximately 3 hours

Try canoeing and fall in love!

Duration approximately 3 hours
If you don't want to commit to a complete course, you can choose this option to learn in small steps. If this excites you, you can join a group to attend a complete course...

Groups of at least 4 participants:
€55.00 Adult per person
€40.00 Children up to 14 years old
€65.00 per person (try the individual canoe)


Activity duration approximately 3 hours

Canoe course in 4 lessons

Duration approximately 3 hours
Four lessons in which you will learn to paddle in still water and then in running water and go down all sections of the Brenta river.

€48.00 Adult
€35.00 Children up to 14 years old
(for groups of at least 4 participants)
€60.00 Individual Adult Canoeing Courses


Activity duration approximately 3 hours

Reserved for children from 6/7 years of age

Duration approximately 3 hours
A trial lesson to see if you like it…. and then we continue with the other appointments.

€40.00 per person and per lesson
€160.00 per person for 5 lessons (for groups of at least 5 participants) 



To tackle more demanding higher routes up to 4th level of difficulty

Progressive lessons starting to gradually arrive at the 3rd and/or 4th grade, deepening the technique and strategies of descent by exploiting the hydrodynamic characteristics of the river.

Groups of at least 4 participants:
€110.00 per person (2 lessons)
€200.00 per person (4 lessons)

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